Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 28

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday, where I share with you my latest garage sale finds.
It's been a slow start to garage sale season.  
There have been several weeks where there have been very few garage sales because of rain.
Thankfully, this week, I got some goodies!
I picked up this pile of punch embroidery floss for $5.
Know what the first thing that I thought of when I saw it?
Bakers Twine
I am so excited to make some of my own bakers twine with so many of these different colors.

Since I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, rain boots are a must!
I picked up these two pairs of like new rain boots for $2 a pair.
Aren't they adorable?!

I'm always looking for cheap glassware that I can make into my own DIY mercury glass like I did last year.
I think these two glasses for a dime (for both) fit the bill.

I picked up a few frames.
The large frame was fifty cents, the small frame a quarter.

I saw this idea last week on pinterest and thought it would be a great graduation gift.
I think I will be making something similar with the frames for a few gifts.
So what did you find at garage sales this week?
Any good deals to brag about?


Unknown said...

i found this at a garage sale 2 wks ago but im still so pround of my $1 find

Angie said...

I found 22 Quart sized mason jars for 3$

Michele said...

You made out like a bandit all right.

Lily Bean said...

you have awesome finds... theres only junk around here

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