Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 29

Welcome back to another Garage Sale Finds Friday.  Where I share with you my garage sale finds.
I know I have shared with you that it's been a slow start to garage sale season.
Fingers crossed it starts picking up!

Last weekend one of the largest communities in the area had a neighborhood sale.
It's a fun sale to go to.  
Mostly because it turns into lots of time with my girlfriends while we hunt for deals.
We start our morning at Starbucks and everyone packs snacks and food for the day.
Over coffee, each of us goes over our list of things we are looking for.  
It doesn't hurt to have an extra set of eyes working for you.

The problem with neighborhood sales is that they draw huge crowds which makes it harder to find good deals.   The best deals get snatched up within the first hour of the sale.  You can't be first at every sale.

The best thing to shop for during a big neighborhood sale is clothing.  Most people don't want to waste their time digging through piles.  It's a gold mine for pregnant moms and parents with small kids.   

95% of our families wardrobe comes from garage sales.  I know the brands I like, and the sizes we need (or will need), and am able to make quick decisions.  Sometimes I score, sometimes I don't.  I won't bore you with our clothing finds though.  So, you wanna see what else I got?

I picked up this Sunburst mirror for $6.  
It doesn't have a permanent home yet, but I thought it was a really cool accessory that is very on trend right now.

I also picked up this metal sign for $1.
It's not old, just looks old and it fits into the "junky" feel I'm going for in our bonus room.

I love old globes.
I have fond memories as a kid of spinning the globe and putting my finger down and seeing where I would live when I grew up.  Unfortunately, I haven't ended up living on a small island in the Pacific yet.  Maybe one day.  The globe cost me 50 cents.

I don't know what it was about this old lunch box and small tin box that I liked, but I snatched them up.
The lunch box was $1 and the small box was 50 cents.

If you have been reading along at Holy Craft for any length of time, you will know how much I love old books.  The pages in old books make for the best crafts.  Know what else makes good crafts?  Old sheet music.  I picked up a whole stack for $1.  

So that's what I found while I was out.
What did you pick up this weekend?


Lily Bean said...

i so envy your garage sale finds... in my area its hard to find anything more than junk. id have to go to the military base area for estate sales to make it worth my while

Unknown said...

some great finds, love the globe- it really us luck of the draw sometimes though isn't it!

Jeannie Marie said...

I love your small metal box! I found an old pot to plant a gift plant in. It was urn shaped and looked like stone. $1.07. Doing the happy dance! Greetings from The Sunday Showcase!

Tammy said...

These are some great finds. I posted today about my flea market trip. It's fun to find treasures, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Wow...what great finds...LOVE the metal lunch box! :D

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