Why do I have such expensive taste??? The search for the perfect sideboard

I have shared with you before our bare entryway.

The scale of our current home is much larger than the scale of our previous home, so most of our furniture gets dwarfed in our new space.
Case in point, this old TV cabinet from Grandma.

While most designers will tell you to be patient in your search to decorate your home, my patience is wearing thin.  We've been in this house for almost 18 months now.
*We* hung this picture above Grandma's cabinet hoping to draw the eye up a bit but I think it just makes the cabinet look more out of scale.

I'm searching for a large side board to put in that spot but I have expensive taste and every thing I find that I like is WAY over budget.

Like this printmakers sideboard from Restoration Hardware.
I love it, but it's $1600+ shipping

Printmaker's Sideboard

I also love this salvaged wood sideboard from restoration hardware.  Only $3000+shipping

Salvaged Wood Sideboard

I love this, but wouldn't you know it's from 1820 and I have no idea where I can find it.

This sideboard from Crate and Barrel is great...but the price is $1200+shipping
I love this andover cabinet from Pottery Barn but I would need two of them to fill the space.
It would set me back $1300+shipping

Andover Cabinet, Weathered Walnut stain

I gave up my internet search and began looking at our local furniture stores.
Again, everything I found was way out of my price range.

$1875 on sale

$2600 again, on sale

Can't remember how much this one is, but I'm pretty sure it was around $2000

I love the distressed black color on this one that is $1985

Does this one look too much like two dressers put together?
I think it came as a bedroom set so the price was for 5 pieces.

I really liked this reclaimed wood cabinet.
On sale it is $1699

Here's another reclaimed elm sideboard.
This one was $1500...a real bargain!

I am positive that I can find something this summer at a garage sale.
What do you think?
Think I can find something in the $30-$50 range???

Am I the only one that waits to find the perfect piece of furniture for the perfect price?
And how long do you wait?


Mrs. S. said...

Are you leaning more towards one with legs so it doesn't cover the vent? I got an awesome mid-century dresser for $30 at Goodwill & use it as an entertainment center. They are out there...be patient!!

justinelorelle said...

I am the WORST at being patient when searching for furniture (I just want the room done...is that so wrong?), which means I usually end up buying/selling/buying a few different pieces before I find the perfect thing. Fortunately, I find a lot of options on Craigslist, so I can usually make my money back with the re-selling part. I don't know where you're located, but where I am there are always a million cabinets and sideboards on there usually between the $100-200 range.

Unknown said...

Those prices are INSANE! Those are great pieces though, especially the Restoration Hardware pieces. I cannot look at their catalogs anymore... it just makes me depressed because we could never buy anything from it. LOL!

I think you can find something just as cool and much cheaper if you keep searching.

Jamie said...

May I ask what furniture store you saw the last pine sideboard at? I have been looking for something like that online and can't find a thing. That's such a good price!

Unknown said...

Jamie, I saw those pieces years ago at Selden's in Fife, WA. Good luck on your search.

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