Add the arms workout

On Monday I shared with you my 15 minute at home workout.
If I have more time for my workout, I will add the arms.
I usually use 10-15 pound weights.
To know if you are using the right size weights, the weight should be hard the last few reps.
Don't sacrifice form though just to use a heavier weight.

Did I mention I'm going to Hawaii next month?!
Come back Friday for the final quick at-home workout that I do when I can't get into the gym.


Chelle said...

Ok, Sugah, I get the tricep dips & kickbacks but that is a pulseback?

Lily Bean said...

yes, maybe in your next post you can include definitions of the steps for those of us who have never been properly trained or been to a gym.i love the short workouts you are posting and could definitely fit them into my day, i just have no idea what most moves are
aprettymess (at) ymail (dot) com

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