cheap mod podge wall art

I've seen some really amazing wrapping paper lately. 

Here are a few of my favorite papers that you can buy from Paper Source for only $3.95.

I was in one of my favorite local stores {Dwelling in Tacoma} 
with birthday gift card in hand {thanks Steve and Val}, 
and bought a few of my favorite papers.

I took them home and decided to make wall art with them.
I had reclaimed boards in my garage 
{fancy word for I got some free wood on the side of the road and used it again}.

I had my handy husband cut the boards down to size for me.
He won't let me near power tools.
He says it's because he likes me with all of my fingers.
I think it's because he's afraid of how much awesomeness I could create if only I knew how to saw a board and miter a corner.

I loved this large fork image.
I used my distress ink to distress the edges of the paper before I mod podged it down to the board.

This penmanship poster is probably my favorite.

I loved the colors in this London Electric Railway sign.
I hear it's pretty accurate.
Never been to London, don't have much desire to.
Maybe one day.

So that's it.

A little mod podge, some paper and reclaimed wood 
and you have yourself some awesome looking 
diy wall art.

I want to hear from you creative people.
What would you do 
{or what have you done} 
with these awesome Cavallini paper's?


Unknown said...

holy cow. What did you do?! Why did you show me that site?! So many papers that I want to get and play with. If I had one, it would be this ABC one:

Thanks so much for sharing this project! If I ever get to doing it, I will let you know. :)

Deb said...

Great idea! I L.O.V.E Cavallini papers and have used several. My favorite (for now, ) is the Flora and Fauna- I've used bits of it in lots of mixed media projects.

going to try this wall art project soon.

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