Do you shop Black Friday?

I don't know about you, but I have noticed this year that more and more households are decorating for Christmas early, stores were lining the shelves with Christmas decor in October and there was a huge hype over Black Friday sales, or in some cases, even being open for shopping on Thanksgiving day.
As I was buying some bread at our local bread store the day before Thanksgiving, the woman at the register wished me a Happy Thanksgiving as a three foot tall Christmas tree glimmered behind her.  At least she hadn't totally forgotten about the one day a year that we set aside to take a moment and be thankful.
But have you forgotten?
Is our country forgetting?
In the mad rush to get {not so great} Christmas deals on Black Friday please remember this image.
Define necessity: Starving African children with emaciated bodies stretching out their hands for food contrasted with North Americans shopping, carts full of toys.
Share the true spirit of Christmas and consider sponsoring a child through world vision, or fund a micro loan for a man or woman living in poverty who wants the opportunity to support their family.
Believe me, your toddler won't remember the plastic toy that you got a screaming deal on as much as the child on the other side of the world will remember the warm meal in his belly.
Think about it.
Don't forget.


Starr said...

We decided to sponsor an American family that's hit hard times. I'd rather not engage in the toy frenzy this year, and my kids will be enjoying fewer gifts. Most of the cheap toys get broken and forgotten too quickly anyway.

Shanna said...

I totally agree with you!! We have done the same thing Starr has mentioned and you know, my kids are learning more and more about how giving to others is more satisfying than getting for themselves. Thank you for the reminder :o)

suzieQ said...

Beautiful post, thank you for writing it.

CountryRefuge said...

Rachel, what a beautiful post! I hope that many will see this post and others like it, and stop the frantic spending this Christmas. Your 'Define Necessity" picture really defines the need and the issues.

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