Knotted burlap wreath

I sort of have an obsession with wreaths.
I love them!
I love making them, and I love the impact that they can have on a door or in a room.

Today, I am going to show you how to make this super easy knotted burlap wreath.
The wreath cost me less than $5 to make since I already had the burlap on hand.

The burlap was a left over from a wedding I helped with this summer.  
You can read more about the wedding here.

Just a few things you will need.
You will need YARDS of burlap.
I don't know how many I started out with, but it was probably around 
2 yards of burlap that I used when I finished.
A wire wreath (mine cost $3.50 at Artco)
and a rotary cutter

I decided to cut my burlap into 1 inch strips.
It's easiest to do with a rotary cutter, but if you only have scissors, that works too.

It sort of looks like I am cutting strips to make a mummy.

 Once the strips were cut to 1 inch wide, I then cut them into about 9 1/2 inches long.
No rhyme or reason, the strip was around 30" long, so I just divided that by 3.
It adds up!

Once I got all of my strips cut, I headed downstairs to catch up on my Downton Abby.
Love that show!
Disclaimer: working with burlap is messy business.
Because I tracked from upstairs to downstairs, I had burlap strings all throughout my house.
I vacuumed twice.

I started by tying my strings tight one on each wire.
If you do it in a pattern, you won't forget where you left off.
I started at the top and worked my way down.

You want to tie the strings tightly and then slide them down the wire making room for more strings.
I like a full wreath, so the more strips the better!
This is one of the sections of the wire wreath fully done.

And this is the finished wreath!
Super easy right?

Will you try one?
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Jenny said...

This is really pretty - I want to do one for my front door (to cover the glass window) - I'm thinking I can dye the burlap a deep purple. Thanks for the idea!

The Style Sisters said...

This is so pretty with the light colored burlap. Come link up to Centerpiece Wed an share this idea.

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