Shutters vs blinds

I was obsessed with getting a dog!

It took me years of talking and convincing to finally have my husband on board with the idea.
His deal was that if the Obama girls had to wait until they moved, then our kids could wait too.
So before we had even spent 1 night in our brand spankin' new {to us} house, I found a dog on craigslist.
They told me we had to act fast and despite my husbands hesitations against this particular dog after meeting her, I convinced the owners and him that we needed to at least give this dog a shot for the night.

Well, before the night was over, the dog has destroyed our blinds, scratched up our front door, and chewed through the garage door wires.  You can read more about our 12 hour dog here.

These are the blinds that the dog destroyed and because they were custom fit for the window, we have decided that the best solution for now {and the past 2 years apparently} has been to just pull the blinds up a few inches in the dining room. 

None of you are any the wiser are you?

This is actually what the blinds look like down
{yes down.  The dog chewed through several blinds that are now missing.  You see it now don't you.}

In our old house, we actually upgraded all of our window blinds
from the regular builder grade, to the faux wood blinds.
In our current home, we have the faux wood blinds in every room.
I have considered switching out to the plantation shutters like a few of our neighbors have.
Don't those look nice?
So what do you think?
Upgrade, replace or stick with the solution we have going for us?
disclaimer: this post is sponsored by all opinions are 100% mine.


Craftcherry said...

Our blinds are always halfway up....which is fine because they are more for blocking the sun than privacy, but between our kids, cats and dog they just wouldn't survive all the way down.
I think you should for sure replace the damaged ones. The plantation shutters look beautiful.

. said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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Get Plantation Shutters said...

I love plantation shutters but I ould be very upset if they were destroyed by a dog. My daughter has been wanting a dog for years and I have been against it. I love dogs but with our schedule, it would be hard.

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