Personalized baby products and my obsession with baby names

I've been thinking a lot about babies recently.
Not because I am having any more 
{that ship has sailed!}
but because there is a little bit of a baby boom going on around me.
My husband's cousin had her third baby girl this week
{in just as many years}
and my brother and sister in law just found out that they are having another girl last week.
Fun family fact:
my daughter was the first girl born into the Teodoro family in 26 years.
In the past 5 years, there have been 12 girls born 
{and one more on the way bringing the total to lucky number 13}
in a row!
I have always had a little obsession with baby names.
My husband and I would struggle to agree on a name when I was pregnant, but I think the constant hunt for the perfect name that he would agree on, turned into a little obsession for me.
Turns out with all three kids names {Aidan, Isabella and Owen} we were sort of trendsetters.
None of the kids names at the time were even in the top 100 names.
Aidan wasn't even in the top 500 when we named him back in 1998!
Some of the names to watch out for this year according to's list, made my list 15 years ago!
Names like Quinn {for a girl}, Hudson, Easton and Ryder

Last year, several celebrities added to a growing trend of unique baby names.
Blue Ivy {Beyonce and Jay Z} and Maxwell Drew {Jessica Simpson} were two of my favorites.
My all time favorite celebrity baby name goes to John Travolta who named his daughter Ella Bleu.
 A few weeks ago Circle of Moms posted this article on Unusual Baby Girl names for 2013.
The two I love from the list are Hattie and Willa.
Some of my favorite gifts when my babes were little, were always personalized items.
Which is why I like to give personalized gifts to family and friends when they have a baby.
I know they aren't always practical, but practical isn't always fun!
I made these last year, when several cousins had babies.
I made this print for a Christmas gift.
I made this monogrammed onesie for another cousin
the tutorial is here
I thought I would round up a few of my favorite personalized baby gifts around the internet.
I love this personalized birth announcement pillow from Three Little Stitches.
New Baby Gift Set- personalized birth announcement pillow and burp cloth set
These custom baby blocks are adorable!
You can get the tutorial here from simply kierste.
I love this personalized onesie from Zoey Sattic
baby shower gift - custom personalized monogram baby onesie  for the new little one in your life
and this one from Simply Sublime Baby
The New Guy - Tie Baby Onesie, Personalized Infant Geek, Geekery, Custom Boy Tie Bodysuit
This custom layette gown from Kennidi's closet would be the perfect coming home outfit.
Custom monogrammed baby layette gown with grosgrain ribbon bow with matching infant hat and interchangeable bow
This little hat from Nacho baby is pretty sweet too
Baby Hat ORGANIC Cotton Monogrammed Personalized Baby Hat Knotted Cap Beanie The Best Baby Gift
Of course every baby needs a blanket.
Why not make it extra special and personalize it.
Of course, you can always make your own quilt with a tutorial from UCreate.
Personalized Baby Quilt by A Little of This...
Of course, decorating the nursery is always one of the best parts to having a new baby!
These personalized art prints will make the room ready for baby's arrival.
From tree top studio
11x14 custom name print
From Personalized Kids
Custom Rhino Baby Name - 8x10 Print Newborn Birthday - Custom Colors
From Miss Print Design
Baby Nursery Art, Personalized, Baby Shower Gift 8x10
From Freya Art
{also, my brother's first and middle name!}
New To This World - Personalized Birth Gift Fine Art Print (Medium)
From Kari Machal 
Personalized Owl Initial Monogram Baby Name Print - Custom Baby Gift - Nursery Art Print - 8"x10"
This personalized specimen art is a definite keepsake from lulu and jayne
Personalized Baby gift -  Framed 3D Shadow Box
and this button letter art from letter perfect designs is adorable
Vintage Style Boy Nursery Button Monogram -- Baby Blue on Antique White Silk -- Ready to Frame in 8"x10" Frame (frame not included)
this monogramed canvas from diana dreams is pretty special too.
I have a special place in my heart for those who adopt their babies.
These special jewelry pieces are a fantastic way to celebrate your babies adoption.
from k and s impressions
Born in my heart, Adoption Jewelry, New mommy, Surrogacy Jewelry Gift, Personalized Initial Baby Feet Necklace
and the r house
Adoption Baby Braclet, Personalized Baby Bracelet, Sterling Silver Baby Bracelet, Silver Baby Gifts, Adoption Gifts, ID Bracelet
I'm curious.
What are a few of your favorite baby names?
Do you stick to the classics, or go with the trendy names?
Do share!


Jenny said...

Love the pics of all the cute baby stuff and the cute babies of course!
I chose Gabriel for my son's name. I don't know why but I love that name so much! He's 20 years old and I still love saying his name. I call him Gabe for short sometimes.
Some other favorite baby names - Sophie, Olivia, George (I guess I like classic names?)

Anonymous said...

Baby name OBSESSED over here. I wish I could have a million more so I could keep going through the process. Thanks for sharing the lovely links. I'll be bookmarking for future gifts. We went with a mix of less known and more known. For the more well-used names, we still tried to shy away from trendy.

Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby said...

My DAUGHTER's name is Camden. She'll be 5 next month. Not only was I ahead of the curve by using the name 5 years ago, but from what I can tell, she's one of the very few females out there with that name! (and, yes, we named her after Camden Yards where hubby and I went on our first date! :)

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I love names too. I posted about it recently! :) My kids are named Gabriella, Zachary, and Simon.

Gretchen said...

Nice round up of ideas here! I might have to steal one or two for my nursery. I just named my 4th boy, and we had a really hard time with it. Naming is usually my favorite part, but I was nearly out of tricks after naming the first three! I have a million unused girl names of course :)

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