Renters's worth it.

For the second time this month 
{and this month hasn't been going for very long!}
I've cleaned out closets and cupboards looking for donations for families that have been devastated by house fires.

One family has children at the schools that my children attend.
They live in our community.
Our PTA has come together to collect donations and has even helped to provide housing for this family of four.
The other family is a neighbor of my cousins.
They had 11 people living in one home.
Both families were renting.
Both families lost everything but the clothes on their backs.
Neither family had renters insurance to provide for those possessions that they lost.
This is a quick reminder that if you are renting, you desperately need to have renters insurance. 
When my husband and I were renters, it cost around $10 a month.
A drop in the bucket compared to the devastating loss that can occur in the blink of an eye with a fire.
If you don't have renters insurance or aren't quite sure if you do, please take a second today to look into it today.  


Craftcherry said...

It breaks my heart to hear of people losing everything like that. I don't think people realize how cheap that extra bit of protection is or how important.

Starr said...

Good advice! When we were renting, we had tons of insurance. For almost no dough.

Jenny said...

I will definitely take heed of this advice ~ thank you!

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