Silhouette vinyl promotion plus vinyl tutorial

You all know how much I love my Silhouette.
I post about the projects that I do all of the time.
One of my all time favorite Silhouette products
{besides the machine of course}
is the Silhouette Premium Vinyl.
This month is the perfect time to drop the hint to your husband to buy you that Silhouette machine you have always wanted.  The special sale comes just in time for Mother's Day and includes two rolls of Silhouette Premium Vinyl!
{Don't forget to type in "HOLY" as your promo code to get the 25% off!}
If you already have a Silhouette, you might want to stock up on premium vinyl while you have the chance!
Silhouette has reduced the price of their vinyl from $14.99 to $9.99.
With this promotion, you get to save 25% more on top of the deeply discounted $9.99 price!
It's a screaming deal!

Do you need a project to inspire you?
I upgraded this beautiful vintage window with Silhouette's Gold premium vinyl.

For this project you will need premium vinyl, an old window and your Silhouette.

I found an image that I liked and used my trace feature to make my own Silhouette image.
Check back next week for a tutorial on how to make your own image out of just about any picture!

Since I wanted my vinyl to be cut larger than my cutting mat, and I wanted one continuous picture (not just words or letters like I have done in the past), I needed to figure out how to cut and piece together my image.
For this project I ended up needing three different cuts.

I used the grid feature to help me see where the image was and position the image to be cut.

Once the grid feature was in place, I drew a cut line using my grid line as a guide and placed it just below the page edge.  This cut line will do one of two things.
It will let you know where your image ended so that when you place your image for the second {or third cut}, you can see the line and visually know where to position your image.
Secondly, the cut line cuts the image in an area that you wouldn't have cut otherwise.
If you see just above the cut line that I drew, the lines above are continuous.
If I would have cut it out without the cut line then I would have had vinyl on the edge that hadn't been cut.

These are all of my cut pieces.
I weeded out the extra vinyl and was left with these pieces.

I use contact paper to transfer my images.

The hardest part is lining up the pieces.

Once you get all of your pieces lined up on your transfer paper, line up your image on your window {or wherever you want to put it}

Easy as pie
And it looks fantastic!

Now what are you waiting for?
Go snap up some SUPER cheap premium Silhouette vinyl for your next project!
{Don't forget to type in "HOLY" as your promo code to get the 25% off!}

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Cindy @ Cinsarah said...

I wish I had a Silhouette! I keep entering to win one and never win! lol
I wish I had the money to buy one. It's on my "mother's day" list ;)

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