Suggestions of things to buy at the Dollar Store for crafting

Suggestions of things to buy at the Dollar Store for crafting

After the success of my what not to buy at the Dollar Store posts, many people are left wanting more.
I had a suggestion to write a post about the craft items I recommend buying at the Dollar Store.
I thought it was a great idea!

Keep in mind the Dollar Store has new items in the store all the time.
I may not have included something I would normally buy (for example, tape runners and Elmer's glue pens) because it isn't currently available.
If you would like to see my full recommendation of items to buy {and what to avoid} find the lists here.

Mirrors and Frames
While I like to buy mine at garage sales, if I were in a pinch and didn't have some available I would buy these.  I know lots of bloggers have done great projects with dollar store mirrors and frames.

Isn't this Pottery Barn inspired tiled mirror fantastic?!  
It's from Dollar Store mirrors.
You can find the tutorial on Dollar Store Crafts.
tiled mirror

These flowers are great for taking apart and making headbands for little girls.

Like this one that I made for decoration for my sister in law's "she's about to pop" baby shower, and then as a gift for my sweet niece.

Satin Ribbon
I will pick this ribbon up in a pinch and depending on my project.
If it doesn't need to be heavy duty then this ribbon does the trick.

Again, from the She's About to Pop baby shower, I used the satin ribbon on the banner that I made.

Styrofoam Shapes 
Styrofoam forms can get expensive.  I love when I can find them at the Dollar Store.

I used the cones for these twine wrapped carrots that I made at Easter

and I used the flat circles for this vintage sheet music wreath

Glass Vases
If I can get glass vases for a quarter at a garage sale, then I will snatch them up, but if I need them for a project, these vases from the Dollar Store are perfect.

You can make your own DIY mercury glass vase like I did.

Floral Moss

I made these moss balls and cubes for decor around the house.


Raffia is probably my favorite craft supply behind a glue gun.
I love it so much!

I use it for trying up all sorts of things.
I used it on this spring votive holder.

Tissue Paper
Tissue paper is good at so many things besides putting around gifts.

I used tissue paper to make these pom poms at my niece's mermaid birthday party.

Storage baskets
Storage baskets from the Dollar Store are great for a lot of things.

I used them for party favors for my daughter's spa birthday party.


Erin at The Buente Family crafted these clothespins for an advent calendar for her son Chase.

Wine Glasses

She Knows made these wine glasses for a dinner party for all of her friends.

DIY painted flower wine glasses


Kendra at the Adventures of Brad and Kendra made these etched glasses.

Flip Flops

Paper so Pretty made this flip flop wreath but there are lots of ways to embellish a pair of flip flops to wear.
And they make great party favors for a spring birthday!

Those are my recommendations.
Did I miss anything?
What do you buy at the Dollar Store to craft with?


Lily Bean said...

wowwie! so mny cool things i would have never thought of. thanks for sharing!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Now I want to go to the dollar store asap! Can't wait to buy some craft supplies! Thanks for the list and ideas!
Selene @ Restoration Beauty

Unknown said...

Awesome, awesome list of tips! I agree with all of them. I can't resist picking up ribbon at the dollar store... it's a habit I can't seem to break! Thanks so much for sharing on Project Inspire{d}!

Shannon said...

I love dollar store baskets and glasses. Our favorite set of red wine glasses came from here great post!

Kristin said...

Great list - pinning for later! I think if I peek around I might even have you "what not to buy" post pinned. I'm pretty jealous of your dollar store! Our's is tiny!

Priyam said...

Awesome list..Can't wait to make a trip to the dollar store..

Priyam from

nancy said...

I'm not very crafty, but the $ store has GREAT gift bags.
And I make beautiful floral bouquet ink pens for work with the fake flowers and floral tape.

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