Candy box party favors

My kids love to provide a special treat for their classmates on their birthday.
This year, my daughter's 11th birthday fell just before 5th grade camp.
I made up these special birthday candy box party favors for her cabin mates to enjoy while at camp.

You all know how much I love the Dollar Store,
in our local mall, we have a Japanese dollar store called Diaso.
Everything in the store is $1.50.
You can usually find some really interesting items, but some of my favorite finds are the bento box accessories.

I picked up these small foil liners and these food packs 

and then picked out my daughter's favorite candies.
I may have over planned with candy because I didn't end up using it all.
Oops!  More for me!

I laid out the food boxes and found small cupcake liners and the foil liners to be great candy dividers.

I filled the liners up with some sweet treats

and topped it off with an M&M packet.

 I closed up the food container and tied a ribbon around it.

Aren't these fun?!
The kids at camp loved their special treat!


Rach said...

Really fun! Cute idea.
I'm sooooo jealous that you have a Japanese dollar store!!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I visit the one in Westlake whenever we're downtown. LOVE that place!

Unknown said...

Wow, they're the cutest!!! I love the idea of putting different paper cups to separate those chocolates. It looks really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. -

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