Red Striped Maxi dress

A few weeks ago, I found this red striped jersey fabric at Wal-Mart for $1.50 a yard.
I immediately thought that I would make matching maxi dresses for my daughter and I.

I haven't gotten to making my maxi dress yet, but with lots of begging, my daughter had me finishing this one for her since we had a forecast of good weather.

I didn't write a tutorial.
My pattern wouldn't be anything you could follow even if I did share it!

I just started sewing.
The top gave me some issues because I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish it.
I decided on this basic bodice top.

The back panel ended up being a happy accident.
It was too large and when I folded it in to see about taking it in a bit, I liked the way that the straps fell in the back.  There is a seam at the back that I don't love,

but I still think it's pretty cool, and it has my daughter's stamp of approval.
Before you go running out to your Wal-Mart to get this fabric, let me warn you, it is the worst!
I have sewn jersey before and this stuff is literally from the devil.
It's thin (I had to double it up to "line" it), it's stretchy and it likes to stick in your machine.
You have to have patience and know a few tricks to get around some basic sewing techniques.
But it's a cool fabric so if that doesn't put you off, head on out.
You may score some cheap fabric!

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