Master Bedroom Closet DIY Built In's with Easy Closets

If you have been following along with my blog for any length of time, you would know that my master closet built ins has been a two year long dream come true.

I had several bids for built ins from local companies, but none could compete with the price that we got from Easy closets.  Once we settled on a design, we ordered the closets and one week later, 39 boxes and nearly 1400 pounds of closet awesomeness appeared.

The UPS guy might argue with the appearing part, but here they are.
Labeled and stacked.  There is even a box that says open first.
Well thought out?
You bet.

Because the built-ins are floor to ceiling our existing molding needed to be removed.

Measurements were made and lines were drawn so that the rail could hold up the shelving.

 Here are the rails hung on both sides.

The vertical boards came next.

Here is the long line of all of the vertical boards all in place.

Because my husband is adding crown molding to the top, he placed these backer boards to fill the gap.

This is what those boards look like up close.

This is where the whole project came to a screeching halt.
See all of those holes?

They were drilled wrong in every single one of those vertical boards.
The boards holes are off by about 1/8- 1/2 inch which makes a difference because the drawers and shelves don't sit flush.  Everything looks wonky.

This realization occurred on a Saturday, about a half an hour after the East Coast customer service took a break for the weekend.  Ugh!

While a whole weekend was set aside to specifically work on the closet, a whole weekend ended up getting wasted since work couldn't occur.

At 5 am our time on Monday morning, my husband put a call into customer service.

Three messages and three hours later, he finally had his call returned, and the customer service rep agreed that the best solution was to recut the boards {by someone who wasn't drunk-my words, not his}, and mail them out a three-day priority.

I hate when something isn't right with a custom order that you place, good customer service usually makes up for it.  While the delay in response and the difficulty at reaching someone at Easy Closets was frustrating, they rectified the situation at a huge expense to them {the shipping alone is probably setting them back $400}.

I'm not quite sure if Easy Closets would benefit from a little quality control before shipping.
It would probably save them some money.

For now, the closet project is on hold until the end of the week, when new product arrives.
Hopefully, with the holes drilled in all the right spots!

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