Starting to prep for our master closet makeover

If you have been reading along for any length of time, you will remember mention of my master closet.
My master closet is one of the reasons I fell in love with this house.
My husband has his own walk-in closet in our bedroom, and I have my own 15 x 7-foot closet {yep, it's big!} off of the master bathroom.  

I shared some of my inspiration for my closet here.
If you want a master bedroom tour, you can see my epic room makeover entry here.
{I came in second, so no room makeover by Vintage Revivals {bummer!}, but I did update it a bit myself}
My husband started to make changes to my closet by giving me a built-in sewing area at the back of my closet.

After several quotes by local closet companies, my husband and I found Easy Closets.

**I'm not getting paid by them, in fact, we paid them a small fortune for my new built in's.
If they want to knock some off the price for talking about them, I wouldn't complain!**

Easy Closets was about half the price of the local companies and offered many of the same features.
One company looked like they bought the cabinets from Easy Closets and then charged me double for them to install them.

My husband worked up a plan, talked to a design consultant, we measured, and then measured some more, and then decided to place our order.

From the time we placed our order to the estimated time of delivery, we had a week.
A week to clean out my current closet, to demo the cheap wire racks, patch the walls and repaint, getting everything ready for the new closet built in's.

I spent an afternoon cleaning out my closet and taking things off of the shelves.
This is the left side as you walk in.

And this is the right side.
I have a lovely window on one side.

Standing with my back to my built-in sewing area, this is the view of my closet and the cheap wire shelving that I had in there before.

My handy husband set to work taking out the screws,

which left huge holes in the wall in lots of various locations.

He ended the night of demo by patching the holes with magical compound.
This compound had to be spread in the holes several times {each time allowing for shrinkage} before being able to paint over the holes and pretending that the wire racks never existed.

After the compound dried and several layers were applied, I painted the spots.
You can hardly tell the shelves were even part of my closet!

This is the master closet after the shelves are down.

A different angle of the closet, 
{and messy sewing area}, taken from the bathroom
with the shelves removed.

The delivery of my closet shelving is scheduled for tomorrow.
39 boxes and 1,400 pounds!
I should bake the UPS guy some cookies while I'm thinking about it.
ps-if you are a Facebook fan, you are probably shaking your head and saying "what?  I thought the closets were already delivered."  They were.  I wrote this post last week.  It's how I stay on top of things!
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Craftcherry said...

Oh my goodness your closet is HUGE. Can't wait to see it with all the shelving.

Mandy England said...

What a great idea! Looks great :)

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