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If you have been reading along with our master closet shelving install, you will recall that we ran into a bit of an issue with some of the custom shelving being cut to the wrong size.  
Easy Closets fixed their mistake and sent out new product, however, we no longer have use for the old panels.  
This is an e-mail that my husband sent out to several friends and family members. 
I thought it was too funny not to share.

If you are receiving this message, it is because you have been personally pre-approved for a special offering from Teodoro’s Fine Furnishings.  For a limited time, not ONE, but TWO types of shelving are being made available FOR FREE to a select group of individuals on a first come, first served basis.

Due to a manufacturing error related to hole placement, there are 12 panels of the highest quality, white melamine covered, high density particle board that must go.  Each panel measures approximately 14” by 91.5” by 0.75”.  Two of the panels have small cutouts, and all have a small notch near the top and a double row of holes for mounting shelves.  See the attached picture for further details.  (Note:  Not all available panels shown in picture)  Our designers have come up with literally TWO ideas of possible uses for these boards, with concepts running the gamut from shelving all the way to bookcases.  You may have your own thoughts – let your imaginations run wild!

In addition, our management has authorized us to offer a few select types of wire shelving.  Each shelf is approximately 12” deep, and comes with the necessary supporting gussets.  Additional mounting clips for attachment to drywall were not recoverable during our salvage operation and therefore must be purchased separately.  There are 2 shelves approximately 8’ long, 2 more approximately 12’ long, and one angled shoe rack measuring approximately 8’ long.  

More information about this amazing offer can be obtained by responding to this email.  Don’t delay, at these prices, these fabulous items won’t last long!

Mike Teodoro – Proprietor

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