Did you know that the Silhouette machine can cut fabric???!!!

Did you know that the Silhouette machine can cut fabric?
It can!
And it is awesome!

This past weekend, I loaded up a few of my goodies that Silhouette so graciously provided, and headed over to my sister in law's house to work on a project she wanted to complete.

Val had a few 10x10 canvases that her husband made for her and they were just waiting for a project.

In true engineer form, my brother in law initialed and dated his work.

Val went to her fabric stash and picked out a few different kinds of fabrics to use.

Silhouette has a fantastic fabric owl image that I bought to use for this.
It made the design so easy!

We knew that we would need to use spray adhesive to mount the owl to the canvas, so we didn't use fabric interfacing for the large owl shape.
This was the first fabric cut that we made and I was super impressed!

After we cut out all of the large owl base shape, we needed to get started on the details.
I took my clean cut fabric interfacing and cut it down to the size I would need.
I used an iron to adhere the rough side to the backside of my fabric.

Once the sheet cools, peel off the backing sheet from your fabric and you are left with fabric that can easily be cut and ironed on to any surface.

Look how clean the cut is!

Val started playing with patterns and shapes on the owls and once the base shapes were in place, she ironed them on.

After ironing on the base shapes, the small detail shapes were next.

Look how cute these owls are!

Val wants to use button eyes, but didn't have any on hand, and it was starting to get close to dinner time for her one year old, so we quickly finished with the main part.  
Just image button eyes.
He's adorable already!

Val used spray adhesive for the backside of the owl

and smoothed the completed owl onto the canvas.

Here are two of the four owls.

Who doesn't love a cute owl?!

If you don't have a Silhouette yet, and the fact that it cuts fabric has totally changed your mind on buying one, here are some great deals for you!
To get these deals go here and type in "holy" at checkout.
What would you cut on your silhouette?

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