Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 40

Welcome back to a new year of Garage Sale Finds Friday.
Where I share with you some of my latest garage sale finds.
I'm hoping garage sales are back in full force around here.
The weather has been less than cooperative.
So fingers crossed, the garage sale signs continue to pop up.
And while I mention garage sale signage, I need to redirect you, my readers, to my post on garage sale signs and how to direct people to your sale.  Because sales are few and far between, sometimes I will hunt down a sale with a cruddy sign, just because there isn't much else out there.
Today, I zig zagged for blocks tracking down a sign that had every detail known to man, but not a single arrow!  That's all you need people.  An arrow...that's it!
I digress...
Here are my scores from today.

I picked up a whole box of vintage buttons for a dollar.
Don't know what I am going to do with them, but I adore vintage buttons.
Any suggestions?

Lace is HUGE this season!
And vintage lace is even better.
I picked up 4 skeins for $3.

I also have an obsession for vintage ornaments.
I love these pink ones still in their box.
I got two boxes for a dollar each.

Milk glass seems to be coming in again.
When I worked at Goodwill we couldn't give the stuff away.
There was so much of it!
Now it seems like people are starting to collect it again.
I liked this shape of this bowl and thought it would make a great bowl for fruit during the summer.

So what did you pick up today?
Anything fun and exciting?


Cat said...

I love those buttons! Such a bargin. I saw someone use mason jars and buttons as decoration. Basically you divide the buttons into different colours, put each colour in a mason jar and then arrange them into a rainbow. You could put them on a shelf for a little colour. But then you would need more buttons!

Such a good haul. Have a lovely weekend :)

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

Oh man you got some good stuff! I love buttons. I put mine in a glass jar as a decoration.
You should check out Bad Rabbit Vintage blog--her haul for today was incredible.
Have fun sale-ing!

Craftcherry said...

I have an embroidery pattern that I printed from a blog so long ago, I can't for the life of me remember which is was...BUT it was meant to highlight buttons. So at some point I will be doing that with my vintage buttons.
Love all your treasures this week!

Craftcherry said...

Found it! Pinterest is so amazing. said...

What great finds! And, yes, I am with your on the signs! I have thought about writing a post about how to properly display a sign! :) Glad to see that you have already done it! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

Rhonda said...

Last time I made a quilt, I put a button at each of the fabric intersections for some flourish and to cover my shoddy work ;)

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