What's in my cart at the Dollar Store

Last month, I started a fun little series called,
Where you get to have a glimpse into the things that this Dollar Store expert is buying.
So, want to see what's in my cart this month?

I usually buy my make up at garage sales.
During the summer, I can almost always find a Mary Kay salesperson selling off her makeup dirt cheap.
I've actually been using some Mary Kay concealer that I bought three years ago!
My guess is, they discontinued that particular concealer because the packaging held too much and people weren't running out.
Well, I finally ran out.
And I got a zit.
So, I headed to the second best place to get my makeup, the Dollar Store.
{You can read more about what other makeup I suggest you buy at the Dollar Store here.}
I picked up some concealer and some lipstick with built in lip gloss.

My youngest son loves our Jacuzzi tub.
He takes a bath every day and usually snorkels while in the tub.
Not joking.
He goes through a lot of shampoo.
I love the Breck kids 2 in 1.  
He's a boy.  It works.

I cook from scratch a lot.
I like to use fresh ground pepper but when I have a recipe that requires more than a teaspoon, I go with the black pepper already ground up.
If you buy spices at the Dollar Store, just read the label.
Make sure you are getting what is in the bottle and nothing extra.
I don't want to buy black pepper with anything added.
The label says black pepper, so I buy that.
Seems legit.
{You can read more about the food items I recommend at the Dollar Store here.}

I also buy most of my wax paper and freezer paper at garage sales.
I think this may be the first time in my whole adult life that I have actually purchased wax paper from an actual store.

I buy more storage bags from the Dollar Store.
Sure you can tell they aren't the ziploc brand, but I'm not paying twice as much for them now am I?
They do the trick.

I love these cello bags for packaging things.
I used them for packaging brownies for a bake sale.
They worked great.

So that's what was in my cart at the Dollar Store.


Craftcherry said...

I LOVE the party supply section. Those cello bags are a great find!

Julia Kendrick said...

I am so in love with our local dollar store!! I am in there so much that they know me by name. LOL I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Julia @ www.juliakendrick.com

srpprcrftr said...

I guess you're talking about the $tree? We go in there on payday to buy plastic bags, wax paper, alum foil and we love those little precut foil pieces called Wrappers, perfect for so many things, not wasting the foil.
I buy all sized of plastic bags for my patterns and buttons to keep together for projects. They are so handy for so many of my crafts.
I even buy the $tree duster things for my duster and heavens I don't know what all else we buy. So many affordable handy items tho.
We're on SS and have 5 week months one after the other so we really have to make our money stretch even further. I have to tell ya we're very grateful for $tree and we have 2 of them on Grand Junction. I like the store that's out of our way better but don't get to go to that one as often. That one just seems to have things the closer one doesn't.
With gas going back up we have to make a tank last all month so we don't take any unnecessary trips anywhere. The closer one has Walmart, Lowes, $tree and Hobby Lobby right by each other. There's also a Sonic so we have lunch of corn dogs at 50cents a piece during 2-5 when we can also get a big drink to share for 1/2 off. Being a senior now means we have to use our noodles and plan alot.
About the only time we get to go to the farther $tree is when hubs has an appt. at the VA hospital which is right by the other $tree.
Goodness I didn't mean to go on so long.
I've never purchased any makeup there but will have to give it a closer look, maybe the eye brow pencils, eye liners and lipstick/blush would be good.
So glad you shared this topic, it's really a good one and we can all learn how to be more thrifty even if some people don't need to be.
Happy summer
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