Why I stopped hating the early Christmas set up and started embracing it

For some reason, this year I have been more annoyed than ever at the early Christmas decorating.
Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas started earlier this year?
Hobby Lobby had Christmas decor up in October,
Santa came to the mall before the carved pumpkins were rotten
and just this afternoon I saw that the live Christmas tree stand was open.
My neighbors started decorating for Christmas before they decorated for Halloween
and Christmas music has been blaring from the stores that I shop in.
With every Christmas tree that was up in a retail store, 
I would shake my head and wonder why other stores didn't embrace the Nordstrom mentality.
I love being able to slow down and celebrate one holiday at a time.
October is reserved for Halloween
November is a month to be thankful
and December is Christmastime.
Somehow all three holidays started getting smooshed together into one big retail celebration.
Jack o lanterns sat on shelves next to turkeys and gold Christmas balls,
Jingle Bells was playing through the loud speaker while I was still munching on Halloween candy
and Christmas wreaths were hanging on neighbors doors right next to their selection of gourds.
I just kept thinking, stores are pushing Christmas on us earlier and earlier and I was getting so annoyed.
Until, my dear friend and I were talking and she made a fantastic point that I just can't stop thinking about.

What is so bad about spending more time thinking about and celebrating Christmas?

At Christmastime we celebrate the greatest gift the world has ever received through the birth of Jesus Christ.
His birth was part of God's plan to save all of us sinners from a death that we deserve, but instead we have been spared because our Lord payed that price for us by dying on the cross.
Jesus' birth was an amazing gift and one that should be celebrated!
So while I hate the consumerism behind the early Christmas set up,
I appreciated being reminded that God's gift shouldn't just be celebrated in December, 
it should be something we celebrate every day!
Today when I saw a Christmas tree set up in the store I smiled,
I even hummed along to the Christmas music.
And when my belly is full of turkey on Thursday, I will be thankful for the most precious gift I have ever received.


Angell said...

LOL...I have to laugh because we are one of those who put up our Christmas decor right after Halloween! I love Christmas and to me, there isn't enough time to celebrate it in just one month. More and more people have been putting their outside lights on as well. We even have a radio station who is playing Christmas all day.

I love it!

Jill said...

At least we Canadians get our Thanksgiving over with in early October, then Halloween - it's all Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, or so it seems, it didn't use to be like that!!

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