Boxwood wreath from Trader Joe's snazzed up for free

Trader Joe's Boxwood Wreath Update with Red Berries

I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram
and yesterday my feed was blowing up with pictures of bloggers snatching up boxwood wreath's at their local Trader Joes.
I had no idea what a boxwood wreath was or why I needed one,
but I suddenly HAD TO HAVE ONE!
I literally snatched the last boxwood wreath off of the rack
when I was at Trader Joe's this afternoon
and then while I was in line to pay, 
I felt like I needed more!
It's like when you can't have something you suddenly want it that much more.
Yep, I felt that way about a wreath.
Weird right?
Anyway, I asked the cashier, 
who dinged her bell for the manager
who checked with a stock boy
who went to the back
{and no, I'm not ending this with "In the house that Jack built"}
and low and behold, a man wheeled out a box full of new boxwood wreaths.
Deciding not to be excessive,
I  only picked up two.
Mostly because I wanted to squelch this sudden desire to have something 
that I didn't even know I needed two days ago!
And because I thought two would hang on my french doors perfectly.
And they do!
But, they needed something else.

So I went outside and found these berries growing on a bush behind a fence in the drainage pond.
I scaled that fence and tried my best not to kill myself
{the things I do for free stuff!}
and managed this haul.

I cut the berry branches down
{you only need a sprig or 5-7 inches depending on where you want them}

and I poked them in to the wreath.
I didn't glue them, just poked the stem in until it found a place to rest and didn't fall out.

Now I know why all of those bloggers were so excited about the $9.99 boxwood wreaths at Trader Joe's!
I love it!

A fresh wreath for under $10!

This is my first time having a live wreath.
Any tips on keeping it fresh through the end of the year?

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