Rustic Burlap Christmas trees

**This post originally appeared on A Glimpse Inside as part of Allison's maternity leave guest post series**

Burlap is probably one of my favorite fabrics.
{followed closely by felt in case you were wondering}

I love the rustic elegance of burlap and wanted to show you how I made these simple and cheap
{under $2 each!}
rustic burlap Christmas trees.

I started with about a half a yard of burlap.

I found these gold Christmas tree ornaments at The Dollar Tree.
{I love the Dollar Store and wrote a whole series on what to buy and what to avoid}
The ornaments are about 10 inches tall.

I cut half inch strips of burlap and then cut them into five inch strips

I took each strip, looped it and glued it with my hot glue gun.
I found it easier to make a lot of loops first and then start my project,
but there is no right way,
you can loop them and glue them as you go.
I promise, the craft police won't come and get you!

Starting at the base, take each loop and use your hot glue gun to glue each loop on to your tree base.

On your second row, line your first loop up in the middle of two of your bottom loops
and continue around the tree until you have your whole tree covered.

You can still see a little of the gold tree base peeking out, 
which I think adds to the rustic elegance of these trees.  

You can use this technique on any tree form base that you can find.
I even updated an old grapevine Christmas tree that I have had for years!

Do you love burlap as much as I do?
What have you made with it this holiday season?

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