Styrofoam ball snowmen

Styrofoam Ball Snowmen

You all know how much I love the Dollar Store.
It's a constant inspiration for cheap holiday decorating.
Today, I am showing you how I made Styrofoam ball snowmen from a bag of Dollar Tree Styrofoam balls.

If you craft with Styrofoam, you know that it can get quite expensive.
This bag cost me $1 and had enough balls in it for me to make four snowmen.

Start by selecting your three various sized Styrofoam balls.
I used hot glue to glue them together.

To make your snowman sit on a table,
you will have to cut the base of the ball.

Once your base is cut, your snowman will stand straight up.
I used twine to make a scarf for my snowmen.
I just tied it in place, no glue necessary.

No snowman is complete without twig arms.
My youngest minion was happy to help!

Once you find your twig,
simply poke it into the Styrofoam.
It's so easy a child can do it!

I think simple is best,
so I didn't even add a face to them.

Do you love shopping the Dollar store for craft supplies?
Anything I should keep my eyes open for?

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