Some of my favorite things, all under $15

I know it's probably too late to add any of these items to your wish list for Christmas, 
but you may find yourself in possession of a gift card or two this year and want to try something new.
These are a few of my favorite things for under $15.

Myiabi bowls with lids
I found these bowls at Marshall's and love them!
The small bowls are around $2.99 and the bigger bowls are around $6.99.
I love anything that I can serve in and then put a lid on and keep in my fridge until next time.
Leftovers are more fun in a pretty container!
small ceramic bowl, Miyabi, $2.99/ea. (compared at $6.00/ea.); medium ceramic bowl, $3.99/ea. (compared at $8.00/ea); large ceramic bowl, $4.99/ea. (compared at $10.00/ea.)
Hibiscus silicone lid
I saw these at my local kitchen store last year and was intrigued.  
They really do suction on to a bowl.
So much so that you can pick the bowl up by the handle on the lid and it will stay there!
I've given several as gifts, but I don't own one myself.
They would be a great replacement for saran wrap.
$9.97 on amazon and around $11 at your local kitchen shop
Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy tinted body lotion
I've tried a lot of tanning lotions, and this Victoria's Secret brand is my favorite.
It's under $10 on Amazon
OSIS dust it powder
I have super fine hair but lots of it.
This OSIS dust it powder is the only hair product I will use for volume.
$10.69 on amazon, $26 at my salon.
Guess where I buy it?
Living the Gospel in the Grey by Rob Schrumpf
While we were in college at Purdue University, we became friends with the pastor of our church and his wife.  It's hard to come by young parents on a college campus and the commonality of having a baby brought our families together.  Rob is that pastor and just this year, he wrote his first book.
A book that is an amazing account of how this family lives their life and a wonderful encouragement of how to exhibit evangelism in your every day life.
This book has been selling out every time I check on it.
Today it's in stock.
Hurry and get your copy for only $10!
Starbucks gift card
I'm not an every day Starbucks kind of gal.
I'm a special occasion drop in Starbucks gal.
So when I get a Starbucks gift card, I really savor them and use them as a treat.
This years new Starbucks red cup gift card is probably my favorite.
How cute is that??!

Banana Republic sunglasses
If you click on that link, it will take you to the BR site that will tell you that these sunglasses are $98.
I would jump into a pool of razor blades then pay $98 for a pair of sunglasses.
However, I am fortunate enough to live less than 10 minutes away from a Banana Republic outlet where I can pick up these sunglasses {or a pair that looks a heck of a lot like them} for around $6.
They hold up well, have never broken on me and the only time I need a new pair is if I lose them.
Jenni sunglasses
Jersey fabric
You might recall that I have stopped shopping at JoAnn fabrics and could not be happier!
I have been obsessed with making infinity scarfs though {had to find a new fabric shop} and have not just one tutorial for you, but two.
You can usually whip these up in under 10 minutes and for under $10.
The one pictured below is made out of a bed sheet I got at Goodwill outlet for pennies.
Lindor truffles
I could eat a whole package and not think twice about it!
These Lindt Lindor truffles are my favorite!
I can usually find a bag on sale for around $2.50
Milk Chocolate LINDOR Truffles 75-pc Bag
Kirkland Sea Salt caramels
The fact that I just found out that I can buy these on Amazon is seriously dangerous!
I thought you could only get them at Costco and for only a short period of time.
This will be the death of me!
I have never actually purchased these sea salt caramels myself.  
I've received them as a gift a few times.
So honestly, I have no idea how much they cost.
I'm guessing they are in the $10 range.
What are some of your favorite things for under $15?

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Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

love so many of these! lindor truffles are amazing.

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