Pretty packages ready to ship for college gifts

My husband and I have worked in kids ministry for years and through the years we have gotten to know several kids who are now all attending college.

When I was in college, one of my favorite things was getting mail.

 So last year, knowing how much I liked getting mail at college, I started my care package ministry to college kids as a way to keep them connected to someone in the church.  

Sort of as a way to let them know that they may be gone, but they are not forgotten.

I love using colorful packaging tape to help the packages stick out from the rest.

No more boring packaging tape for me!

If you mail packages as often as I do, you will know that most shipping companies don't like you to have any old labels still on your boxes.

You could start with a nice new clean box, but I am the queen of reusing, so I'm going to share my helpful little tip to get the old labels off without giving you a headache and tons of sticky label residue under your fingernails!

Get out your hairdryer and blast your label for about 10 seconds on high heat.

I wish I could say it was more complicated than that, but really, it is that simple.
The heat from the hairdryer works to heat up the glue and makes your old label peel off easily {and in one piece} from your package.

Once your label is off, you can start with a nice clean box!
These are the piles of goodies I sent to each college kid.
I packaged six boxes full of fun stuff!

Once I had the items all sorted out, putting them in the packages was easy!
I used packaging tape to make the boxes festive.
How much fun would these be to get in the mail?!
Anyone can use clear packaging tape.
Why not make your package stand out from the rest?

This holiday season, don't leave your packages naked.

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