Bah Hum Bug washable glitter tea towels

Bah, Hum Bug Washable Glitter Tea Towels

We all know those people.
The people who are less than merry and bright around the holidays.
Some people would say it was me since I hate Christmas music
{bah hum bug}
Or it could be you.
Either way, I made a washable glitter tea towel to celebrate those Scrooge's in your life.

I never pass up freezer paper when I see it at garage sales.
I found this industrial roll for a quarter over the summer.
Freezer paper is great for making freezer paper stencils for lots of different crafts.
This time, I'm going to use it for making my letters.

I cut my freezer paper down to fit my silhouette cut mat,
I used spray adhesive to make sure it would stick
and placed it shiny side down on the mat.

I formatted my letters and used my silhouette to cut out my image.
No need to reverse your image if you put your freezer paper shiny side down.

Weed out your image
{don't forget to keep the inside of the B and A}
and iron it down to your tea towel.
It's like magic!
Your freezer paper will stick right on to your fabric.

I used Tulip fashion glitter bond glue and Tulip's fabric glitter to compete my project.

I put the glue on a pouncer so that I could control the distribution of the glue on my tea towel.

Make sure your whole image gets glue on it.

Apply a generous amount of glitter.

Remove the excess.

Let your image dry for at least two hours.
Once it's dry, peel off your freezer paper.

You will need to use a weeding tool to remove the smaller freezer paper pieces that are left.
If there are other freezer paper pieces still lingering, you can put your towel in the washing machine to remove the rest.

That's it!
The perfect holiday gift for any Scrooge on your list!

Is there anything about the holidays that makes you say 
"Bah Hum Bug?"

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