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I finally joined all of you other smart phone users back in June when my husband purchased me an iPhone 4s for our anniversary. 

Nothing says love and stuff like a smart phone!

I quickly adapted to having a phone that does more than just text and dial and like many American's my iPhone has become the appendage that God forgot to give me.

It was an expensive investment and it never fails that at least once a week my iPhone is leaping out of my hands and on to the ground to it's near demise.

I held out long enough on a smart phone that I saw plenty of you with cracked screens, chips in the edges and phones that generally looked like they went to Iraq and back!

I knew I needed a case that could protect my phone and what better way then to try out the new Skinit inkFusion phone cases.  I was able to customize a case to represent my personality.

The first step is picking the type of case that you want.

The inkFusion pro case is a thermoplastic polymer fusion case comprised of a hard shell and an impact absorbing liner.  This case has a starting price of $39.99 {bonus free shipping!}.

The inkFusion lite case has a thermoplastic polymer hard shell case but no impact absorbing liner. It has an ultra thin, lightweight, low profile design with a starting price of $29.99.  

Both types of cases are available for the iphone 5/5s, iphone 5c, iphone 4/4s, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy S4. 

You can see more examples of the inkFusion iPhone 5 Case here and the here is the nkFusion Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

There are literally thousands of different designs to choose from or create a custom design from one of your images.

If I was going to go with a pre-designed case, I was thinking that these wooden stripes were pretty cool.

but I chose the custom feature and used this cool book spine design I found in a quick google search.

Once I selected create, I was able to upload the image that I found.

I enlarged the image to fit in the square parameters that are required.

I previewed my image and loved it!

I selected add to cart and completed the ordering process.

It took me less than 5 minutes to create a custom phone case.

I could have used a family portrait, a picture of my dog, or a logo from my blog.

The possibilities are endless!

I was so excited to receive my custom case in the mail just a few days after ordering it.

It's exactly what I thought it would be.

Durable, functional and chock full of personality!

If you found yourself with a new phone under the tree or an upgrade was made from some Christmas money, protect your investment with a little personality.

Check out the new Skinit inkFusion phone cases!

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