Gold vinyl stag head tutorial

Gold is hot this season so I whipped out several gold crafts this month.
This gold vinyl deer head is one of them.

When I showed you my Christmas tree dot window, I told you I used the scraps from a project.
This was that project.

I started by finding an image
and I enlarged it in my silhouette software.
I knew that I would need to make two cuts
{mostly because I have the older and smaller version silhouette machine}
As you can see, the antlers don't fit in the white cut space.
I cut the head first, the antlers second.

I used transfer paper to pick up my cut image and transfer it on to a pre painted board.
If you look closely you can see the seam on the antlers,
but only if you look closely.
I smoothed the vinyl image down to the board and got out the bubbles.

 To make sure the image didn't peel off, I used mod podge to seal the seams.
Just brush it on the whole board so that you don't get weird glossy dry lines.

Let it dry.
Now your Stag head is ready for display year after year!

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