Add some sparkle and shine to your holiday wardrobe with Tulip beads in a bottle DIY infinity scarf

Gold is the color of the season this year, 
and I love wearing {and making} scarfs.
Put the two together and you have my DIY shimmer bead infinity scarf.

It's perfect for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend or for you to wear to your next holiday party.

You will need 2 yards of knit jersey fabric
{it will make 2 scarves}
and Tulip Beads in a Bottle glitter paint
{I used  Sunstone and Fool's gold colors}

I found jersey fabric for $6.50 a yard half off at JoAnn's.
Wash your fabric and then cut it down the middle longways.
You will end up with a piece of fabric that will look almost like a tablecloth.

Which is probably why I started by spreading my fabric on my kitchen table.
It provided me a long enough surface so that I could reach all of my material.

Making the beads are easy with the Tulip beads in a bottle paint.
You just squeeze out your paint and slowly pull your tip up.
The beads will reduce in size when they dry, so make them a little bigger than you want them.

I made a random assortment of beads on my fabric with the two gold colors and let it dry over night.

If you try to make your bead too quickly, you will sometimes end up with an oops like I did.
The tip will flop and leave you with a smudge.
You won't want that!
But don't worry!
Your project isn't ruined.
Just let your beads dry and come back to it.

Once it's dry, you can pick the oops piece up with your finger and it easily comes off.

No more oops!

The beads really do rise up off of the material.
It's pretty awesome!

In the making of an infinity scarf, there is a little bit of sewing!
Don't worry!
It's super easy and only one straight seam!

Fold the right sides of your scarf together
{beads to beads}
short ways.
Jersey material likes to roll, so I rolled it out a bit and pinned it in place.
Use your machine to make one long stitch to hold your seam in place.

Turn your fabric back and your seam should look like this.

This scarf is a great holiday accessory to add sparkle to any outfit.

disclaimer: I was selected to review these products as part of a Blueprint Social campaign for Tulip products.
All opinions are 100% my own.

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Mad in Crafts said...

Awesome scarf! Great minds in the same lines ;)

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