Driftwood and twine star tutorial

 The beaches of the Puget Sound are filled with driftwood.
It's hard to find shells, but driftwood is plentiful!

Last week, I showed you how I made my twine beach sign and gave I you a
 preview of this twine wrapped driftwood star that I made.
Today, I want to show you how I made it
out of totally free materials.

I found 5 similar sized driftwood sticks on the beach

Start at the end of one of your sticks
{this end is rough because I broke a stick to make it the right length}
and apply hot glue.
Join two sticks together.

Continue putting the pieces together, much in the same way as you would a puzzle.
Glue and hold glue and hold.

Once your star is formed,
take your twine
{I got this smaller twine in a free box}

and wrap your twine much like you would a God's eye back in your summer camp days.
Glue the end of your twine in place on the back and you are done!

This would be a fun project for driftwood sticks that you find on a vacation.

My favorite projects are always free!

I have a whole slew of driftwood projects planned.
Keep checking back for more ideas!


Artsy VaVa said...

I love this! We frequently visit the Alabama Gulf coast and you don't find a lot of driftwood. I wish I had seen this before I went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago! I would have picked up some of the driftwood I saw. Love it.

Trish said...

Very cool! I love beach themed decor. And free decor is even better :)

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