Fill up your closet for next to nothing!

It's no secret that I love to save a buck!
I like to dress on trend but not break the bank.
I recently discovered a website called Sammy Dress.
I couldn't believe the prices!

Some of our local thrift shops are selling used clothes for more than the price of new fashion forward clothes on Sammy Dress.

Sammy Dress offered me my selection of one item and I must say, 
it was difficult to choose.
I finally settled on this abstract batwing cardigan
The price?

At first I was skeptical.
You get what you pay for right?
I thought it would be cheaply made.
I was shocked!
It looked great right out of the package!

O.k., so if I put it through the washer it will probably fall apart and fade.
I actually washed the sweater and it still looks great.
Not a stray piece of yard unraveled!

I'm sold!
Seriously, go visit right now and see what you can find.
There are even 266 {gorgeous} wedding dresses under $100.

I'm not kidding.
You need to go see for yourself!


Trish said...

I'll have to go checkout those wedding dressed. I am so opposed to spending a fortune on a dress I'll wear once, I'm totally willing to buy one online :)

Unknown said...

Check it out. The dresses look great and the reviews are super helpful and make it sound like you can't go wrong!

Tabet said...

Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing cardigan! :)

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