How I started making money blogging and you can too!

I've been blogging at Holy Craft since January of 2010 but I have had a family blog since 2005.
I'm not super computer savvy so it took me some time to start figuring out exactly what I was doing
{and let's be honest, I still don't always know what I'm doing now!}
and how I could use the hours that I spent writing blog posts and doing projects
to make my time worth it.
Let me start out by saying the key to blogging isn't to blog with the intent on making money.
Don't quit your day job because you think you can strike it rich by writing a blog.
There are several bloggers who have been able to do that,
but the majority of us craft bloggers are able to support our craft addiction
and occasionally generate enough money to supplement our families monthly income.
I read a lot of blogs.
I try to learn from what other bloggers are doing and I really appreciate the tips and tricks that I have learned through the years.
Several years ago, a blogger referred me to Social Spark
Social Spark is a social media marketplace that connects bloggers to quality advertisers.
In order to be approved as a member for Social Spark,
your blog must be 90 days old with a minimum of 20 posts written.
You can blog about any topic, not just crafts or family.
If you have a business of any kind and would like to connect with other bloggers,
you can get connected and start getting promoted today!
How it works
Once you are approved, you will be sent leads.
A lead is an opportunity that you qualify for but haven't specifically been invited to participate in.
You can use these leads to express an interest in an opportunity, or if it's not a good fit for your and your blog, you can take the time to opt out of that lead.
Once you have been selected for a campaign, you can use Social Sparks direct publishing to write your post in your Social Spark account and have it reviewed and approved by the advertiser.
I would highly recommend trying Social Spark for yourself.
You really have nothing to lose but the prospect of potential profit
{say that 4 times fast!}.
You never know what kind of offer may come your way.
If you sign up now through their referral program you can earn incentives like a trip to Maui for two
{yes please!} for every person you refer.

Sign up here

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