Woven clothesline scrap fabric basket tutorial

 I took a lot of art classes when I was a kid.
Last week when I was shopping at the hardware store for rope, 
I saw clothesline and was reminded of these woven fabric scrap baskets 
 I used to make when I was my daughter's age.
It was a skill I learned in a 7th grade art class {thank you Mrs. Dylan!}
and I wanted to pass that skill on to my daughter,
and now I pass it on to you.

Start by taking your fabric
{you can use multiple fabrics but will end up needing about a half a yard}
and make a cut line every inch and a half.

I love using cotton because I can use that small cut line I just made 
and rip it giving me cool frayed edges on my fabric to work with.

This is my pile of scrap fabric I have to work with.

You can use a needle at the end of your fabric {or not}.
If you use a needle, you need to use a large eyed needle to fit your fabric through.

Start at the end of your clothesline.
Mine was already burnt to keep it from fraying.
Leave about a half an inch of fabric at the top and around your clothesline.

Fold down the top of the fabric and fold in the sides.

Then you will begin coiling and wrapping the fabric around the clothesline.

Once you have about six inches of fabric wrapped around the clothesline,
you will start to coil your clothesline.

Take your fabric end and pull it up through the center or your clothesline fold.

Your base will look like this

Continue to wrap your clothesline.
After every four-six wraps, you will tuck your fabric through the coil just below.

Pull your fabric up and tug it in place to make a secure loop.
Once you get to the end of your fabric,

continue wrapping around your clothesline.

Place a new piece of fabric over top of your fabric end and start wrapping.
Once your base gets big enough,
{it's your discretion}
start working your clothesline up the coil base by tugging it a little harder on each pull through the fabric
and shaping it as you go.

You will start with a gradual coil and work your way up.
Continue wrapping and coiling and pulling your fabric through 
until you have the basket the size that you want.

Once the basket is as large as you would like, finish the current piece of fabric that you are working on.
Cut the end of your clothesline.

Tuck your fabric wrapped clothesline end in the coil underneath your finished end.
You won't be rough with your basket and you don't have a handle, so there is no need to secure it any more than with a tuck.  It will stay in place.

That is your finished basket!
My 11 year old daughter made this one,
I just stopped her along the way to take pictures.

These baskets are tons of fun to make and are quite easy for all skill and age levels.

It makes the perfect spot for my plush Easter peep don't you think?


NaDell said...

I made those in a fabric arts class. I loved them! I keep seeing the baskets that you sew all over and these are SO much better looking and making!
Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to do that this year!

Trish said...

Your art classes were obviously much more fun than mine were. I would love to have made this kind of stuff!

Unknown said...

That's such a cute little basket!! I've been looking for a craft to take with me to soccer practice, and this might be it. I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this morning that links to your tutorial:

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