Family Pizza Party

April has been a busy month for us.
My oldest son spent 10 days on a mission trip in Mexico, and then after only three days at home, he left again for a four day school field trip.  Throw in normal life activities and it felt like it had been forever since we had a quality family night.
When we had a free evening, where all five of us were going to be home, 
I knew just the thing to bring us all together.
And not just any food... pizza.  
Tony's pizza to be exact.
I have a teenage boy, nothing says love more than pizza.

While shopping at Walmart, I picked up three Tony's pizza's. 
{major bonus, I had a coupon!  You can get one too at, while supplies last!}

Not only are Tony's pizza's affordable, they are delicious!
They now have a crispier crunchier crust and are topped with real cheese and sauce made with real tomatoes.

I prepped some of my families favorite side dishes and in less than 20 minutes, 
we were ready for a full night of quality family time!

Once that authentic pizzeria smell wafted through the house, the family came running!

Not only were we able to share a meal, we were able to make memories.

We talked about things that went on while my son was gone

and shared stories about life.

It was a successful family night around the dinner table.
Sometimes, you just really need that.

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