Gold animal head book ends. Classing up a Dollar Store find.

DIY Gold animal head book ends

Gold is the new "it" color.
It's funny because for years, we have been shying away from anything gold
and now it's slowly creeping back into decorating.

When I saw these animal heads at the Dollar Tree, 
I knew that they would be 100 times better with a coat of gold paint.
Lucky for me, I found gold spray paint at a garage sale literally the next day,
 so this project ended up being super cheap!
My favorite kind of project.

I won't bore you with the details of how I spray painted these heads.
I have faith in all of you that you can figure it out.

I really love the end result.
This is the rhino head.

and the elephant head.

Isn't that a great update?!
For under $5, I took 4 dollar store finds and made them look way classier then they did before.
I love spray paint!

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