One room challenge Vintage Airplane boys room week 3

I am making progress on my 8 year old son's vintage airplane room and feel like it's finally coming together!  I'm so glad I have had this 6 week One Room challenge to keep me motivated.
In week one I shared my plan for the room.
Owen's Room
Week two I learned how to use power tools and created this pallet backed book case using free materials and things we already owned.
And now here we are.
Week three.
This week, I pulled things together with curtains, a new rug and new bed linens.
Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before and a side by side of what I like to call "during" because I still have three more weeks.
Let's take one more look at what the room looks like now.
The bed and toy box have been moved and the bookcases that were flanking the bed have been made awesome with a new pallet back and they have been stacked.

I found this large wooden airplane model for $20 at a junk fair
I used silver spray paint and gave it a few coats and then my husband hung it up in the corner.

Not only did the bookcase get a makeover,
the $10 bed {got it at a garage sale!} and Ikea toy chest {we've had that since my oldest son was two}
got a coat of paint and some red highlights courtesy of Annie Sloane chalk paint.

I found new sheets for Owen's bed for only $7 on clearance.  I picked up an extra set of sheets and made the curtains out of those.
I made the felt woven pillow
{tutorial here}
and the felt airplane pillow here
I found the quilt on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20!
Yep, it was super marked down.

And the fuzzy blanket at the bottom has quite the story.
During our great Midwest trip this summer where we visited four states and drove over 1500 miles,
Owen left his beloved pooh bear blanket that he has had since before he was born on the final leg of our trip.
The very last flight!  All of our efforts to find it were futile and we assume that it got left on the airplane when we landed in Salt Lake City.

So all that said, he wanted a fuzzy cozy blanket he could wrap himself up in.
And the little rabbit skin was a little something he picked up {with his own money} when we stopped at Conner Prairie in Indiana {super cool place by the way!}.

I was shopping at Home Goods this past week and could not pass up this rug.
It was $75 and while that seems cheap for a massive rug, I just don't spend that kind of money on decorating, so it was a hard pill for me to swallow.
In fact, the tags are still on it in case I change my mind!
I decided that instead of replacing the light fixture in Owen's room, I would settle on the rug instead.
What do you think?
Should I keep it?

I also scored this super cool airline trunk at a garage sale for $15.
I thought that it would make a great nightstand and it fits perfectly under Owen's low window.
The task lamp was bought at Target for $25 and the wire fan was a garage sale find for $5.
The top of the trunk is the perfect spot for Owen's handmade hobby airplanes.

The trunk has some cool history.
The old owner played trumpet in the US Army and this trunk carried his instrument all over the country.

So that's the final shot of the vintage airplane boys room makeover in week 3.
What do you think?
Should I work on the artwork next?


Leslie said...

Love this makeover. That rug is great! The airplane! Really like the industrial feel. Great job!

WorkingMomMagic said...

great job! It looks amazing!

aquahaus said...

That trunk is sweet!! Love how this is all coming together.

Lauren said...

Love the rug! It's really graphic and brings many elements of the room together. I say it's a keeper.

Unknown said...

I am in love with that rug! Great choice.

Ann Blackwell said...

I love the rug! I am so amazed by the beautiful job you are doing I had to figure out how to respond!!! It feels as if the rug just ties everything together. By the way, I am an artist and think my opinion might be worth keeping the rug - that's how much I like it - coercion!!!! Ann Blackwell

Songthatdoesntend said...

I love that's so cool (teenager's language) lol. Paint made such a difference in the room.

Sovania said...
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