An 80's Throw Back

You guys! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun Throw Back Thursday's are for me. I don't always participate, but when I do it always puts a smile on my face remembering the good times.

I know it's only Wednesday, but I wanted to catch you the day before so that you could trump my 80's style with your own.  But first, I want to share some awesome pics of me in that awesome awkward  era.

Check out my little brother who is totally working the Miami Vice jacket over the shoulder thing.
And look at those tight rolled jeans. What the heck were we thinking?!

A sweater under overalls? Yep, totally awesome! Come to me for all your style advice.

My best friend Audrey and I circa 1988. I wish I had stock in some perm company then. Remember how awesome perms were? Spiral perms for the win!

Oh, you know, just taking my bunny out for a little walk around the neighborhood. Yep, Snowball is on a leash. And for the record she hated it.

Me and my kitty Alex P. Kitten. Wait, you had an Alex P. Kitten too? I thought I was so original with the name! Obviously Family Ties wasn't super influential on the children of the 80's!

And lets take a second to check out my purple suit and big glasses. Totally adorable right?! The glasses have a cool tiger sticker on the lens. I remember that my parents paid extra for that.
Totally worth it!

Know what else I remember from the 80's? Some awesome TV shows.They seriously don't make them like they used to!

Did you know that Netflix offers a full line up of oldies but goodies that you can stream? I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved reading The Babysitters Club. I had no idea it was a TV show!
I can still sing the Jem theme song, can you?

And speaking of theme songs, my guess is that every last one of you knows the Saved By the Bell theme song am I right?!

Remember Jell-O pudding pops? Every time I ate one I would stick my tongue to it first thing and it would always stick Ralphie Style. Ah, memories.

How much fun was this little throw back? You guys are jealous of how cool I am aren't you? I know it!

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