Dog hair bow tutorial

It's no secret that our dog Sophie is a part of our family.
We couldn't imagine family life without her.
This month, we celebrate her 4th birthday,
and just like one of our kids, 
it's hard to imagine life without her.

Sophie often times gets mistaken for a boy,
mostly because she's such a big girl.
 I don't know why it bothers me, but I like to set the people straight,
just like I did when my bald headed daughter was an infant and was called "him" several times.
I decided just like I used to Velcro hair bows into the fuzz on my little baby girls head so that people wouldn't confuse her for a boy, 
I would to do the same thing and make some hair bows for my pooch.

Here is what you need:
one piece of 5 inch long ribbon
one piece of 4 inch long ribbon
a small rubber band {I got them in a pack of 500 for $1 at the Dollar store}
and a crochet hook or pencil to help you loop the rubber band around

Loop your longer piece of ribbon around and overlap and meet the ends in the middle

Do the same thing with the smaller piece of ribbon and put the loop ends together in the middle facing each other.

Take your crochet hook or pencil and place your rubber band on top.

Twist the rubber band and pull it over the bottom of the crochet hook making an x.

Pull the bottom of the rubber band over the back and to the top.
Then slowly remove your ribbon, holding the back of the loop with your finger.
Twist the loop and bring one end of your ribbon around the rubber band.

Find a sleepy puppy and a small tuft of hair and slip the rubber band on.

Now there is no mistaking that this puppy is a girl.
A tough girl, but a girl.
Red is her color don't you think?

I am participating in the 2014 Dog Fence DIY Hackathon
and I created this project as a part of my participation.
disclaimer: I did receive compensation for this post.  All opinions and ideas are 100% my own. 

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Unknown said...

What adorable hair bows! I just adopted the sweetest little dog and I want to make her some cute little hair bows. Making these should be a snap.

Susan Hirst |

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