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For years when my kids were little, I wore nothing but my diamond stud earrings that my husband got me as an anniversary present.
Babies would be pulling on my earrings, and quite honestly, I didn't have enough time to hem and haw over what accessories to wear when I barely had enough time to shower!

My kids are older now, and it's been hard to break out of the rut of not making time to accessorize.
I love earrings and bracelets and necklaces, I just don't have a lot of them.

Recently, JTV gave me the opportunity to select a piece of jewelry that I loved.
Any piece.
It was hard to pick because there were so many great pieces.

I loved this cabochon cuff bracelet.
Partly because it's sapphire blue like my birthstone.
I was also a big fan of this link bracelet.
Since I'm breaking into this accessory wearing thing, I gravitate to things that are versatile
and this looks like you could wear with with so many things.
I'm always looking for simple yet classy earrings.
That color!

Talk about making a statement with this orange jasper ring.

And while we are talking statements, 
this bib necklace could take a little black dress up a notch.

If you love vintage like me, you will love the Titanic collection.
Holy cow!  I think I want one of everything.

While there were so many things that enticed me, I finally settled on these 10k yellow gold chandelier earrings.

I love the sweet simplicity of them and in my wardrobe versatility is key, and they hit the mark!

JTV was nice enough to not only give me a pair of 10K yellow gold Filigree Chandelier earrings, but they sent me a pair that I could share as well!
I know you will love them as much as I do!

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To see some of my other favorite accessories, you can follow my Pinterest board.

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