What to watch

I am smack dab in the middle of holiday bazaar season.
This means that as I craft I have been running Netflix pretty much anytime I sit down to mindlessly glue gun whatever glittered thing a ma bob I can find.

I love that I have commercial free TV on demand to keep me entertained as I make one more book page wreath or snowman head.

Here's what I have been watching.

I'm hooked.
Ever since I got back from safari in the Masai Mara where this was filmed I can't get enough.
I had only wished I watched this before I went on safari,
but now, it's fun to share it with my family

and with the dog...
she's kind of a big fan too!

Watching Property Brothers makes me want to move out of my nearly new home and find a house to remodel.

And the number one show I have currently been binging on...
drum roll please...

If you want to know what the kids and I will be snuggling to over Thanksgiving break, you better believe we will be streaming the new VeggieTales available today!

So what are you watching?

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