Elf on the Shelf planning calendar

When Elf on the Shelf hit the stores, my kids were just hitting the cusp of being too old to really enjoy this Christmas tradition.

However, I think it's such a fun tradition and families every where are embracing their Elf.
I actually love seeing my instagram or facebook feed in the mornings in December to see what creative ways my friends and family have moved their Elf.

I know that the hardest part for parents is coming up with new and creative ideas 
{that don't take a lot of time and planning}
for their Elf each day.

I'm pretty sure with my track record with the tooth fairy, the ball would be dropped more than once 
and the Elf wouldn't move, 
or he would move from the shelf, to the tree, from the tree, to the shelf, and well...you get the idea!

For all of you families that have an Elf, I created a little printable calendar for you to use the whole month of December that has ideas that are fairly simple to use each and every day.
You probably have the supplies for most of the items in your home already.

This calendar is just a guide.
Feel free to be as creative as you like.
This calendar is for those days that you get stuck on, 
or if you are like me, you like the tradition, but you don't want to spend hours surfing Pinterest for new ideas for your Elf.
 I'm not pointing any fingers but my guess is more than one of you has a Pinterest board of Elf ideas!
Not judging.
Certainly not judging.
In fact, pin this handy little Elf on the Shelf planner on your Pinterest board now.

To print this planner, right click on it, save it to your documents and print.
For personal use only.

And before you forget, put an alarm on your phone to ring every night just before you head to bed
as a reminder to move your Elf.
Do it now.
You will thank me later. I promise.

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