Craft store shopping on-line. You can thank me later.

I am busy this year!
Like busier than I have ever been-busy.
For the first time in 16 years, I have started working outside of the house as a substitute teacher,
I am trying to keep up with my blog, my family and my household, and wow, it's a lot!
Instead of getting rid of activities in my life, I seem to just be adding them, 
so something has to give.

I'm finding less and less time to run to the store, 
so shopping on-line has become really convenient for me.
I am preparing for two upcoming craft bazaars and it seems like there is always some item I'm missing from my stash at home.

I recently found

The prices are cheap and they have everything my local craft stores have, except at a discount.
Plus, I can order during my lunch hour and have it come to my door just a few days later.

Last week, I showed you my little vintage bottle brush tree experiment.
In order for you to be able to bleach the trees, they have to be made of sisal.
I found a pack of 4 for .77 at Consumer Crafts.
I ordered a few for my holiday decorating.

Want to know what else I picked up?
I got this Mod Podge photo transfer medium, 
Not only is it a great price, check out that little play button underneath the product.

That my friend, is a video tutorial on how to use the product and several ideas on projects that you can make.
Where has this site been all my life?!

Because I can't keep anything a secret,
{especially something I love,} 
you should probably take your pretty little self on over and check out this amazing site for yourself.
{feel free to shop in your pajamas}
I know you can find something you need.

You can use this link to find the catalog.

You can thank me later!
disclaimer: this is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own.  I promise I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love.

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