Painting with lace

I recently had a friend call and ask me about how to change up some letters that she had in her daughters room that she still liked, but once she redecorated would no longer go.

These letters were special since they were hand painted to match the crib bedding that sweet little Erin had when she was born, but now this seven year old was ready for a big girl room and wanted to get rid of anything flowery.

I had an idea and I asked if she would mind if I gave it a try.
A crafters best friend is spray paint, and believe me, I've used my fair share!
I wondered what would happen if I spray painted the letters and then covered them with lace and gave them another coat of paint.

This is what happened!

It's a pretty cool technique.
I'm sure you could get all kinds of different texture with a different piece of lace.

Ever tried something like this?
What would you use it on?

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KG said...


I love this idea. Did you first spray paint with black then the blue over the lace?

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