Sculpey clay feather ornament tutorial

I am kind of obsessed with feathers right now.
One night, my 9 year old son and I were having some down time and decided to try using Sculpey clay for the first time.  He started with stamps and cookie cutters
{watch for that tutorial later this week} 
and I started going rouge and made these feathers free hand.

I love how they turned out and want to share the tutorial with you.

You will need:

Start by working with the clay.
It's very stiff so it takes a little bit of manipulation before you can roll it.
Once it's pliable, use your brayer to roll your clay out into a thin sheet.
You don't need much.  About a small bouncy ball size piece.

I used a knife to free hand the shape of two feathers and two stem pieces.

roll the stem pieces to give them some depth and then place them on to the feather.
Pinch down the edges of the stem and try to make the pieces one.
You don't want them separating later.

I grabbed a skewer from my BBQ drawer 

and I set to work making some texture on the feather.

Feel free to cut slices out of the clay to make it look more realistic.

Once your feather is completed, use the sharp end of your skewer to poke a small hole for your ribbon to hang it later.
I placed my clay feathers on my silpat sheets for baking and even manipulated them to give them more depth.

Cook your sculpey clay according to package directions.

Once your clay feathers have cooled,
use your silver paint and paint both sides.

Loop a ribbon through the hole and hang them from your tree.

These would make great ornaments and they would look great tied to a present that you are giving someone.  Perhaps even around the neck of a wine bottle as a housewarming gift.

I love how easy these were but that they turned out looking like pewter ornaments.
Are you as into feathers as I am right now?
How do you like to incorporate feathers into decorating?

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