Vintage button tree canvas

Last time my mom was up visiting, 
she brought me a tin full of old vintage buttons,
because I think every mom has a tin of old buttons, do they not?
I know I do!

I've been wanting to do something with the buttons but wasn't sure what.
This vintage button tree canvas is what I came up with.
It's easy!
Let me show you how!

I picked up these two small canvases at a garage sale this summer for a quarter a piece.
You can't go wrong with a blank canvas.
I sorted through my buttons
{even found a cool vintage wooden button in there}

and I picked out the ones that I liked and that would make a nice pattern.

Not one to leave a canvas blank, I decided to cover it with sheet music.
I used mod podge to cover the canvas and then let it dry.

Once the canvas was dry, 
I used my glue gun to attach my buttons.

I used some ink to distress the edges of the paper
and found a brown ribbon to create a hanger.

It was a fun project to use what I had on hand.
I'm always looking for projects with buttons.
Do you have any for me?

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