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I haven't taken any time to share any of Rachel's random ramblings lately, but they have been rattling around in my head. As they say, there is no time like the present! So welcome to the latest edition of Rachel's random ramblings.

I always wondered why there were lights in appliances. You know, the ones that are on the front of your vacuum cleaner or inside your microwave. They always say, you don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore. About four years ago, we got a new vacuum {a Dyson that I had to convince my husband that it was worth spending more money on than I did my first car} and I have just started missing the light on the front of my vacuum. Dyson doesn't make their vacuum's with lights on them. Shut your face that it's taken me four years to notice or care, but I suddenly miss the light on the front of my old Hoover. I hate walking into a room and having to turn the light on just to see the dirt on the floor. I miss my light. I'm thinking about strapping a head lamp on my Dyson.

Dear vacuum manufacturer, please put the light back on the front of my vacuum cleaner. I miss it. Kind of like this lady misses her hour from daylight savings time.

Speaking of vacuum's I wanted a Roomba for Christmas worse than I wanted Jem from Jem and the Holograms in the 80's. When my kids were little, I had one of the first models and since most of our life at that time existed on the floor, cleaning everything up off the floor everyday {especially my small children} became another chore in and of itself. So it didn't last long. I started subbing this year and being out of the house for seven hours at a time has made it harder for me to keep up with the normal day to day chores that I do. And since we have a big hairy beast dog that sheds, if I skip vacuuming for even one day, it's crazy noticeable because of the hairballs that float across my floor.

So...I have a new appliance love. Her name is Rosie {our Roomba}.  Everyone names their appliances right? She is programmed to go off in the morning and when I get home I get unbelievably excited if I find Rosie docked and charging after cleaning my floors for an hour. I still have to vacuum but it's usually far less. More like once a week than once a day. Having Rosie has been life changing. I have hours back in my day each week. Seriously. I love her.
I recently got invisalign. I never had braces as a teenager, but the older I get the more I notice my teeth and my bite changing. I have been in the orthodontists office enough lately with one kid just finishing treatment, another just starting and a third in the watch phase. What's one more payment to the ortho? She was looking like she could use a new boat anyway. Who am I to stand in the way of that?

I realized that I snack a lot. You can't eat with your aligners in, so in order to eat, it's sort of a process of removing them, eating and then brushing your teeth and cleaning your aligners, so it's kind of a pain. Costco samples haunt me. Coming in to the teachers lounge and seeing brownie bites just sitting there wanting to be eaten makes me borderline depressed. I've gone from grazing throughout the day to binge eating when I sit down to my three square meals. I hear it's a good weight loss plan for some but I think my binge eating hasn't helped me out.

My husband Mike decided to finally come to the dark side and he got his first smart phone. Mike was happy with his $20 slider phone that you can buy at your local 7-11, but recently, he's found the need to have the many accessories that a smart phone provides. It's been pretty entertaining to watch him learn his new iPhone. The other day he tried to use a screen shot that he accidentally made of the home screen of his phone to actually open and turn on his phone. He struggled with it for a few minutes wondering how he had already broken his phone.

If you watch Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson has a personality that is a little bit like my husband. Mike is learning all kinds of new things on his "rectangle"

Those are the random things rambling around in my brain.  What's random in your life?


Joyce said...

I really enjoyed your Rainbows and Water post. I found your blog through the World Vision link on Facebook. Thinking about dirty water makes me accutely aware of how very much we take for granted here. We support two children thru WV too, one in India and one in Senegal. I am a mom to two daughters in their 20's, my oldest just got married in January. I'm following along here now via bloglovin'. Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

Thank you Joyce! We are so very lucky to have clean water. Especially clean water that we don't have to walk to get. Can you say spoiled?!

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