Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

I have been traveling for days. I left Seattle on Friday afternoon and I am just now touching the ground in Lusaka, Zambia. Africa is a long way away from home!  This song by Hillsong has been on repeat in my head for days.

I just love these lyrics and the truth. I'm crossing physical borders and entering into a foreign land, but so often I place borders on myself.  I'm on a journalists trip with people who are real actual writers.  People who get paid to write for magazines and newspapers. People who have deadlines and editors. I'm just a mom who decided to write a blog because her craft projects and ramblings were taking over the space where I was sharing family photos. I have complete faith in knowing that I am here, in Zambia with this group of people for a reason, though I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I placed the border around myself that felt like I wasn't good enough to be a part of this experience with these people, representing World Vision.

There is nothing short of God's hand on this trip and the details of it and I am trusting that I can go deeper and further than I could have ever dreamed of wandering, in a land that is filled with people who have stories that break the heart of God every day.

I'm crossing borders, not knowing how this trip to Zambia is going to play out in my life, but I am pretty sure that it's going to wreck me.  My first vision trip to Uganda last August opened my eyes and introduced me to people who have a faith that is sometimes far greater than mine.  I met people who had the most generous spirit and gave until it hurt.  I want to be wrecked.  I want to go deeper in my faith than I would ever go on my own because God has led me to a land that is foreign to me. I'm trusting without borders and I am walking on those waters.  I am not alone.  I am in the presence of my Savior.

To find a child that is available for sponsorship, visit here. Click to learn more about the water effect and how World Vision is meeting that need in some of the most desperate areas.

Update: A collection of stories from my week in Zambia
Rainbows and Water
A Child's Life
Looking Forward to the Future
The Needs are so Great
Welcome Home
Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust is Without Borders
Preparing for Zambia


Randi Jo :) said...

you are NOT alone in deal. His presence is with you, yES and you have many child ambassadors praying for you and routing for you!!! <3 so thankful you could be there!!

Randi Jo :) said...

**NOT alone indeed

I meant <3

It's early

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