Easy to make pencil vase

On Wednesday I shared with you 20 teacher appreciation gifts that you could make today. Today, I want to show you a simple pencil vase that I whipped up in under an hour. This would make the perfect gift for teacher appreciation week.

Easy to make pencil vase

Easy to Make DIY Pencil Vase Perfect for Teacher Appreciation

DIY pencil vase teacher appreciation

I am obsessed with fresh flowers and thankfully can find some pretty amazing lilacs on the side of the road. {tip: always carry pruning sheers in your car just in case!}.  I used some easy to find supplies {my vase came from a garage sale for fifty cents} and made a pretty awesome looking vase any teacher would love.

You will need:

ribbon {like this}
hot glue gun

I don't have any pictures of the process because it was literally make a strip of glue on your pencil {way easier than on the vase} and press.  

I will share some tips

Keep your vase flat on your table so that the pencils are all the same height. If you want the writing on the pencil to show forward, be mindful of where you are putting the glue.  And finally, don't stress out that the inside doesn't look pretty from the glue lines.  Your vase will be filled with flowers, it won't matter!

Easy to make pencil vase

There you have it!  A beautiful vase for your favorite teacher! Snip some flowers on your walk to school and you have a fun gift to give during teacher appreciation week.


Valerie Earnest said...

I love the flowers you chose! How many pencils would you say you used?

Unknown said...

I used 41 but it's dependent on the size of your jar. Thanks for stopping by!

Mary B said...

that is an awesome idea! Love it!

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