Planning a Teenage Girls Room Makeover

When we bought this house, there was one bedroom that was much larger than the rest. We promised that each of the kids would get a turn to have the room. The current occupant of the room, my oldest son, is moving out in a few weeks and heading out of state to college. For the past year my daughter has been scheming her new design plan for her room and it's starting to become more of a reality.  I wanted to share her design plan with you. I'm really excited about it!
wallpaper, silver accents bedroom redo

Here are the items she's been requesting for her room from left to right:
Graham & Brown wallpaper {kinky vintage moonshine}
grey upholstered headboard {DIY unless we find a killer deal like this one}
silver sequin pillows
white decorative pillows
large shag rug
white duvet
decorative bench
We will be working with her gallery mirror wall from her current room {it cost me under $40!} and finding a home for it in her new room.  I also may have a little surprise for her desk. I'm excited to see it all come together. 
And in typically Rachel style, you can bet it will be done on a budget! 

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Nicole said...

at least on my screen, whereever you have links, they barely show up-the text is so light.

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